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Booking & Stay Policy


A 50% deposit is payable within 3 days of booking, the balance is due 14 days before the arrival date.  For bookings less than 14 days before arrival, full payment is required within 3 days of making the booking.

Cancellation Policy

No Show - full charge (no refund)

Cancellation made within 14 days of arrival - full charge (no refund)

Cancellation made within 30 - 15 days of arrival - partial charge (50% refund)

Cancellation made within 31 days of arrival - no charge.

General Indemnity

Whilst care has been taken by Ruah Caravan Park to ensure the general safety of guests and their possessions whilst enjoying our accommodation, the owners and / or managers therefore do not accept any liability in the event that any injury, loss or damage to persons or property is experienced by a guest, his children and / or their visitors. It is the sole responsibility of the guest to ensure the safekeeping of his party, their assets and their general wellbeing. Should anything be unclear, the Guest undertakes to contact the manager for assistance at his earliest convenience.


Swimming Pool/Dam

Swimming pool and dams are to be used at the Guests own risk. Owners do not take responsibility for any damage, injury or death that may arise from use of the water facilities on site.


Loss or Damage to Ruah Park

Should Ruah Park suffer any loss or damage as a result of an act or omission by a guest or visitor of a guest, the guest may be held liable for full reimbursement of such loss or damage incurred and will be billed accordingly.


Right of Admission Reserved

Ruah Park at all times reserves the full right of admission and accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may result from the legal and reasonable exercising of such rights.



  1. Self-Catering House:  For the comfort of our guests, Ruah Park is a strictly non-smoking accommodation establishment.

  2. All other areas:  Please take care - smoking poses a serious fire hazard in this rural area especially in winter when conditions are dry and windy.



Minors are the sole responsibility of the parents, guardian(s) or the person or persons in whose care they are whilst at Ruah Park or whilst using its facilities.


Site / Facility Abuse

We have taken great care in providing our guests with modern and clean facilities. Any guests who abuse the site or facilities in any manner, leaving them in an unreasonably dirty or spoiled state, will be charged a R1,750 penalty charge which amount will be utilised to rehabilitate the site and its facilities in an attempt to return it to its original condition.  


Dishes and cleaning

We give our facilities a good clean after every checkout.  However, our facilities are self-catering so we ask that you wash your own dishes.


General Info & Rules

  1. Base rate includes 4 people and 1 vehicle.  Max of 6 persons and 2 vehicles per stand allowed.

  2. One caravan or off road trailer with one extra tent or 2 tents (tents only) allowed per stand

  3. During Peak Season a minimum of 5 days must be booked.

  4. Only complete weekends / long weekends can be booked.

  5. We have a no music / no television policy on the stands

  6. Day visitors - only campers’ guests are allowed prior to arrangement - it is essential that day visitors’
    fees be paid in advance

  7. No pets allowed.

  8. Fishing: catch & release.

  9. Gathering of wood in the bush is strictly prohibited.

  10. Do not disturb or feed the animals.

  11. Fires may only be made in portable braai's - when using a boma for a campfire - please make sure that it is lifted off the grass high enough as not to burn it (± 300mm)

  12. No music or televisions are allowed.

  13. Only open weaved groundsheets are allowed.

  14. No quad-bikes allowed.

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